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Steel Fibers West  is a fully owned operating division of Fab-Form Industries Ltd. with exclusive distribution rights to Helix® in British Columbia and its customers across the USA and Canada.

In 2011 Fab-Form sold Helix® through its own website as a complementary product to its pre-manufactured monopour system. In 2014, a separate operating division was established.

"For branding and clarity in the market, we created a separate operating division and website", said Rick Fearn, President of Fab-Form. "The market for Helix® is significantly larger than the demand created by our monopour system."

The picture to the right shows the Fab-Form display at the World of Concrete Trade Show in 2014.

Sun Recycling


Fab-Form was established in 1986. Since that time it has designed, developed, patented, manufactured and distributed numerous innovative products for the concrete forming industrtry:

  1. Fabric footing forms: Fastfoot®
  2. Fabric column forms: Fast-Tube™
  3. ICF bracing system: Zont™ and Zuckle™
  4. ICF Monopour system: Monopour
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