Copper Wire Stripper Warehouse Project

When a new 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse was needed in Woodstock, Ontario, Helix Micro Rebar was chosen as a key reinforcement for the exterior tilt-up walls.

The original design for the panels was completely 6" x 6" W5.5 mesh, but was switched to a Helix Micro Rebar dose of 20 lb/yd3 (9 kg/m3). This change resulted in many benefits:

Crews saved time by reducing the amount of mesh installed by half; Helix Steel’s in-house engineers assisted with the design of the panels and dosage requirements;

The tilt-up panels were built stronger and will be more durable with every inch of the panels reinforced with superior micro reinforcements; Helix Micro Rebar is proactive, meaning that it will resist crack formation before they even start. This is something that fiber, rebar and mesh can not do.