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Determination of Dosage and Ordering

The procedure for determining the correct dosage and ordering from your ready mix supplier is as follows:

  1. Use this form to send us your structural drawings
  2. We send your drawings to Helix Engineering where they determine the correct dosage
  3. You give this dosage to your ready mix supplier(s) to get a quote for the Helix fiber added to your concrete
  4. If your ready mix supplier does not have experience mixing Helix, we will train them
  5. If you require an engineered and sealed equivalence letter, our engineers Wicke Herfst Maver Consulting Inc. will review the Helix® design and provide this letter for a fee of approximately $300

Wicke Herfst Maver Consulting Inc.

Wicke Herfst Maver Consulting Inc. have been conducting due diligence on Helix® since late 2012, researching the many tests and corroborating with other engineers across North America. They are well qualified to answer any technical questions you may have. Call (604)484-2859 or visit