Tiltup Panels with Helix®

Copper wire stripper warehouse in Woodstock ON uses Helix in insulated panels.

Copper wire stripper warehouse

Class A slab with Helix®

Helix engineer Samar checks the performance of slab reinforced with Helix

Sterling Heights

Distribution slab with Helix®

Using Helix® Micro Rebar increased the daily pour rate by 20%

Laser Screeding

Helix® Seminars & Workshop

Over sixty engineers and contractors attended this exciting event

Helix Seminars and workshop

Helix® Used in 3,700 ft² Slab

Summit Concrete likes placing and finishing slabs with Helix® micro rebar

Valkyries uses Helix

Helix® Debuts in British Columbia

Bob Deeks, President RDC Homes is impressed with Helix®

Valkyries uses Helix

Helix® with ICF Monopour

Helix® now a far better design alternative to rebar with accreditation.

Cirrus Homes uses Monopour

Helix® Receives Accreditation

Helix® now a far better design alternative to rebar with accreditation.

Helix receives ER-279 Accreditation

Broom finishing Helix® slabs

Helix® slabs can be broom finished without any fibers showing.

Broom finishing

Helix® in Coupling Beams

University of Michigan tests up to 300,000 pounds load on coupling beam.

Helix in Coupling Beams

Sun Recycling Slab on Grade

Repeat heavy traffic including 80,000 lb.  wheel loaders on new Helix® slab,

Monopour ICF

Distribution Center Helix Slab

O'Reilly Distribution Center has high quality slab without cracking.

Helix slab for O'Reilly Distribution Center